Tractor AC Checkup- As Easy as 1,2,3

Tractor AC Checkup- As Easy as 1,2,3.

Working inside the cab of a tractor during the heat of the day can be a very hot experience without a fully functioning air conditioner. Doing a tractor AC checkup before the season begins can make sure your AC doesn't go out one day in the field. 

In three easy steps, you can check and troubleshoot if your tractor AC is working.

  • Clean and blow out all loose dirt, dust, and chaff. 
  • Start and adjust the engine to normal fast idle speed, then turn on the air conditioner and set it for maximum cooling with blower fan on high speed. Operate air conditioner for five to ten minutes to stabilize the system. 
    • If your AC is NOT cooling, check for a charge by noting sight glass if used. Note the gauge readings for normal pressures. Establish that electrical components (switches, thermostat, blower and clutch) are functioning and check that the air passages and ducts, refrigerant lines, hoses, compressor drive and belts are all free 
  • If cooling issues persist, either check for missing or damaged parts during your check and call All States Ag Parts or another parts provider for your fresh part or take your tractor into your nearest service location for servicing. 
With these steps, you should be ready for a cool, productive season with your tractor as an effective tool to assist you in production.


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