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All States Ag Parts Announces Opening of New Store in De Soto, IA

All States Ag Parts To Open New Location in De Soto, IA All States Ag Parts , one of the nation's leading used, new and rebuilt ag parts suppliers, announced they will be opening their new retail location in De Soto, IA on January 2, 2012. All States Ag Parts now operates 8 locations throughout the midwest supplying farmers, repair shops and equipment dealers with new, used and rebuilt tractor parts and combine par ts. "Our new facility greatly expands the parts selection available. We have almost 10 times the warehouse space we previously had and are stocking thousands of commonly needed parts. These parts are available for same day pick-up, making it very convenient for area farmers", said Chad Bagby, New Parts Division Manager for All States Ag Parts. "In addition to the thousands of parts we have in stock, we have over 100,000 new after-market parts that are available with 1 to 2 day

What Happens to Your Tractor When It's Done Farming

     Every day, hundreds of farm tractors, combines and other equipment is retired from service throughout the country. The reasons are many. Sometimes the tractor is just too old to do the job required. Sometimes a collision, fire or other accident damages the unit to the point where it is not cost effective to repair it. Many times a major component, such as an engine or transmission breaks, and the repair bill becomes more expensive than the overall value of the tractor. Sometimes, as we see more and more frequently, the farmer retires and the tractor he’s farmed with for decades retires with him. What happens to all of these tractors and combines? Some of them end up in a fencerow where they sit rusting away for years. Some are hauled away to the scrap metal recycling plant and eventually melted down and made into other products. We think the lucky ones end up in an All States Ag Parts salvage yard where each and every component of a tractor is recycled for it

Pre-Harvest Combine Maintenance Tips

Fall harvest is around the corner. Before you hit the field, give your combine a once-over with this 12-point checklist. Clean the machine of dust and dirt for better operation and to help spot wear and potential problems. Attach headers to combine and make sure they are opperational, checking height and contour controls. On the grain table header, inspect sickle blades and guards, inspect teeth in augers and reel. On the corn head, inspect gathering chains, sprockets and adjust width of stripper plates. Check and adjust drive chains. Remember: Row-unit gearboxes operate as mini-transmissions and need to be checked once a year. Refill with grease or oil depending on age and brand of corn head. Check all belts for wear and replace as needed. Check all chains and bearings for wear; replace chains that can’t be adjusted or tensioned correctly. For axial combines, inspect rotor and concave, checking wires for damage and bars for wear. Check unloading system auger. If edges a

Update your Feeder House Chain to Save Wear and Tear on Your Combine

On the drive to work this morning, I saw a couple of corn fields that are starting to show signs of drying down. It won't be long before the combines are rolling here in Central Iowa and other parts of the country. What a perfect time to talk about feederhouse chain. It seems to us that most feeder chains were designed in Fred Flintstone's day. They are heavy and cause premature wear on the drive mechanism and feeder house bottom. They often wear out sprockets and stretch chains prematurely because of their weight. The slats are virtually impossible to straighten and because they are riveted, you are almost forced into buying a new feeder chain every time a slat bends. At All States Ag Parts we offer a better solution in feederhouse chain. Our Feeder Chain will handle today's larger crops, improve feeding, last longer and reduce maintenance costs. It all starts with 557 chain. With heavier rollers and side links it will outlast the original chain by hundreds

Our After-Market Concaves are better than the OEM's!

August 23, 2011 ROTARY CONCAVES Although a rotary combine uses a rotor instead of a cylinder and even if the concaves do look a bit different, the concaves on conventional and rotary combines both have to perform the same two functions--threshing and separating.   To allow for threshing and separation in different crops you can use wide wire or narrow wire concaves or any combination. Round bar concaves are also available.   All States Ag Parts carries precison bored concaves so they fit better and are easier to properly adjust. The wire holes are drilled with state of the art, computer controlled, multiple head drills. This ensures the precision alignment of holes, and a snug wire fit. With an All States Ag Parts precision built concave there's no wire-to-hole gap to trap straw.  Rotary combines are achieving very high capacity figures. Along with higher capacities, rotary combines tend to have higher wear factors. To help control maintenan

Plastic sieves? Here's why you should be using one in your combine.

August 23, 2011 - As farmers throughout the midwest start preparing for this fall's corn and soybean harvest, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk a little about plastic sieves. Plastic louvered sieves have been on the market for several years with several brands of sieves available . Unfortunately, not all brands are created equally and buyers must be wary of inferior brands. At All States Ag Parts we carry a Canadian brand, and feel this is the cream of the crop as far as quality goes.   There are several advantages to installing a plastic sieve in your combine. The most important to me is the ability to replace the plastic louvers should a louver become damaged. Unlike the old metal louvers that bend and break, plastic louvers are flexible and pop back in place should a rock or other foreign object go through your combine. Even if you have the misfortune of breaking one of the louvers they are easily replaceable. Here's some additional advantages o