New, Used, Rebuilt? What do I need?

New, Used, Rebuilt? What do I need? 

All States Ag Parts specializes in supplying new, used and rebuilt parts to our customers, but what exactly does that mean?

A new part is an aftermarket part. This means it is built to replace the original part as a high-quality and affordable alternative to the OEM part (original part built by the manufacturer). These new parts come with a one-year warranty and an option for a 2-year extended warranty.

A used part is a part that comes from a salvage machine in one of our salvage yards. The part is cleaned and inspected by our team. These parts sell at 50-70% of a new part and come with a one-year warranty. One benefit to choosing to buy used, aside from the cost savings is your impact on the environment; when you by using you recycle this part, preventing it from an early trip to a landfill. These parts also come with our All States 1-year warranty.

A premium used part requires extensive work to ensure it is ready to be handed off to you. These parts need to undergo testing, slight refurbishment, and inspection. For example, we might pressure test a radiator or replace a weak cylinder in an engine during the inspection process before this premium used part gets to you.

A rebuilt part is a part that is fully dismantled or restored. During this process, it is brought back to the manufacturer’s specifications. These parts also come with a one year warranty.

You can find these parts on our website or get help from any of our customer service representatives by calling (877) 530-4430.

In the farming industry, we recognize there are different needs for different customers. We keep a selection of new, used and rebuilt parts to ensure that we can offer you different options based on your financial or environmental concerns. Our specialty in used parts allows us to provide you with a hard-to-find part even if the direct manufacturer may have discontinued the part. Our vast selection ensures that whatever you need for your farm, All States Ag Parts has the part.


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