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How Long Blocks Should Be Assembled!

All States Ag Parts longblock assemblies are remanufactured by a team of experienced technicians and mechanics in our newly remodeled engine shop. From the initial tear-down thru the final painting process every part is inspected thoroughly before being assembled. The quality of every engine is backed with an industry-leading 1-year warranty. Our quality control processes ensure all specifications and tolerances are within original OEM standards and provide you with a long-lasting engine. OUR REMANUFACTURED LONG BLOCKS ARE ASSEMBLED TO THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATIONS AND CARRY A 1-YEAR WARRANTY BLOCKS • All blocks are machined on a Rottler F105A cylinder boring machine. • Blocks are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for cracks before assembly • Checked for proper bore alignment and align bored as needed. • Deck Resurfaced • Sleeve counter bore is recut to OEM tolerances CRANKSHAFTS • Cleaned and magnafluxed • Polished or reground as needed (no more than a .020