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13-Point Planter Maintenance Checklist

Ensuring the proper seed depth, seed spacing and seed-to-soil contact is critical to the performance of your planter and ultimately the success of your harvest. If one kernel of corn out of 12 doesn’t emerge it could mean a loss of $12,000 on 500 acres. We have re-published this 13-point checklist for planter maintenance with the permission of Professor Duiker at Penn State University. 13-Point Planter Maintenance Checklist Meters. Metering units have to work well or you’ll get frequent skips, doubles and triples. To guarantee optimal performance, take metering units apart every winter. Remove dirt and clean the hood with soapy water (no kerosene, diesel or oil should ever be used in metering units!). Replace cracked plastic covers. Replace broken fingers in a finger-pickup meter. Seed brushes need to be replaced when worn. If a groove has formed in the chromium house of the metering unit it is time to replace it. The belt (in finger pick-up meters) should be flexible,