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22 Post-Harvest Tractor and Combine Maintenance Tips

Post-Harvest Maintenance Tips The goal of post-harvest maintenance is to prepare equipment for the next usage, whether that is next month, next spring or next fall. Without a proper inspection after fall use, farmers will likely have to spend more time and resources fixing equipment later – time that could be spent in the field. 1. Clean tractor exterior and interior. Start with an air compressor to blow away dirt and crop debris inside and out. This helps remove unwanted seeds that can transfer to other fields where they don’t belong. Also, debris attracts rodents that can damage electrical components. Follow up with a pressure wash to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Then wax to restore paint shine and provide protection from UV rays and chemical residues. 2. Touch up scratches and bare spots with tractor paint from All States Ag Parts . 3. Clean the radiator , condensers , and coolers with compressed air and water. Always blow the opposite direction of air travel to rem