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What Happens to Your Tractor When It's Done Farming

     Every day, hundreds of farm tractors, combines and other equipment is retired from service throughout the country. The reasons are many. Sometimes the tractor is just too old to do the job required. Sometimes a collision, fire or other accident damages the unit to the point where it is not cost effective to repair it. Many times a major component, such as an engine or transmission breaks, and the repair bill becomes more expensive than the overall value of the tractor. Sometimes, as we see more and more frequently, the farmer retires and the tractor he’s farmed with for decades retires with him. What happens to all of these tractors and combines? Some of them end up in a fencerow where they sit rusting away for years. Some are hauled away to the scrap metal recycling plant and eventually melted down and made into other products. We think the lucky ones end up in an All States Ag Parts salvage yard where each and every component of a tractor is recycled for it