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21 Years of All States Ag Parts

21 Years of All States Ag Parts Back in 1998, All States Ag Parts was founded by David Dyke and his two sons, Paul and John with a mission to bring the largest selection of new, used and rebuilt parts to the consumer with top notch customer service as the cornerstone of the business. “Our success always goes back to customer service.” says John Dyke, CEO. “We solve customers problems and that's our primary goal. We’ll never lose sight of that goal.”  In 2007, after years of doing solely phone and in-person sales, the company launched the e-commerce platform. The website brought a completely new range of customers to All States and grew the business rapidly. The visibility of the company increased dramatically and All States was positioned for massive success over the next decade.  All States Ag Parts started with just one location in Salem, South Dakota that began as a farm field. We have now grown to have 13 locations across the country that house our salvage yards,


Fire! Equipment fire is a serious concern. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem in farming equipment. In fact, a large part of our salvage sales are from machines where there has been a heat-related issue on one section of the machine. Dry weather, high winds and hot machines aren't the best combination when it comes to fire, but with proper preparation, a fire can be prevented. How can you prevent a machine from catching fire? Often times, this is a completely preventable issue. Safety Specialist Dennis Murphy at Penn State University says it's important to have a clean machine. Remove all caked-on residue in the engine with a pressure washer. A clean engine runs cooler, and this reduces the chance of fire. It is also essential that any debris is blown out of the machine and out of any belts, bearings or moving parts. Here are some tips from Iowa State University on preventing machine fire Keep the machine clean, particularly around the engine and

Saving you Sales Tax

Saving you Sales Tax There's a lot of new laws concerning sales tax. Over the past year, there have been changes to the sales tax laws in most states. The biggest change is that most online purchases are now taxable. Since most of the products All States Ag Parts sells are exempt when used for farming, we thought we'd let you know how you can remain tax-exempt when ordering on our website. Here's some information to help keep you exempt from sales tax. I'm a farmer, I thought I didn't have to pay sales tax on farming equipment. You're correct! You don't! Most products sold by All States Ag Parts are exempt from sales tax when they are purchased for use in agricultural operations. Products that qualify for sales tax exemptions vary by state, with Alabama and South Dakota being notable exceptions to sales tax exemptions on ag machinery and parts. I haven't paid sales tax on previous purchases, why the change? In 2018, the Supreme Cour

Our Father's in Farming

Our Father's in Farming Generations of American farmers have been made up of hard-working fathers. Your dad, your neighbor's dad, maybe even your uncle. It's possible they were all farmers. It's because of them that you are entrenched in this culture of farming and its because of them that you have this spirit of hard work and passion for the land instilled within you. Our farming fathers have built and supported this country throughout the good and the bad. Without them, we wouldn't be a country as we are today. They farmed throughout the great depression, the 1st and 2nd world wars, the hottest months of the summer, all to ensure that the country was fed and provided for. Farming has remained a vital part of our society for generations because the need for farming will never dissipate. The average farmer provides food for over 155 families. Farming is a massive boom to local economies. 96% of farms in America are family owned; owned by dads and mom

An Interview with Carly Cummings from FarmHer

An Interview with Carly Cummings from FarmHer In an interview with Carly Cummings, the event and merchandise manager at FarmHer, we learn what encourages Carly and the Farmher team to continually push forward the vital messaging of strong, independent women in farming. FarmHer has a mission to “Shine a light on women in agriculture” by telling the stories of these women, FarmHer is creating a new narrative around women in agriculture. Carly not only is in charge of merchandise for FarmHer, but she also curates events around the country for women in agriculture, creating a culture of supportive, strong women with a passion for farming. What do you see as one of the greatest challenges facing women in the farming industry? “Turning the dial in stereotypes. To the public, a farmer looks like a man in overalls. We need to be working towards a new image. When you look at the census numbers, you find that women make up over a third of the farming industry. This means that women

10 Apps to Enhance Farming

10 Apps to Enhance Farming   Downloading apps isn’t fun and games anymore. Apps can be a substantial assistance with your agricultural career. We have selected 10 of our favorite agricultural apps to help get your season running smoothly. Take a look at this selection of free and paid apps and see what works best for you!   Farmlogs - Rated 2.7stars with 57 ratings Using Farmlogs, you can monitor field conditions, plan and manage crop production and track rainfall history to name a few features. Growers edge -   rated 5 stars with 3 reviews This app is made to help you manage and grow profitability. You can set profit goals, track progress and much more. Sirrus - rated 4.1 stars with 15 ratings   This app helps with cropping, recording keeping and even shares weather conditions. This app allows farmers to draw boundaries within their property and it keeps track of planting data that can be shared with others. Farm Futures - rated 2.1 stars with 7 reviews Thi