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22 Post-Harvest Maintenance Tips

Post-Harvest Maintenance Tips The goal of post-harvest maintenance is to prepare equipment for the next use, whether that is next month, next spring or next fall. Without a proper inspection after fall use, farmers will likely have to spend more time and resources fixing equipment later – time that could be spent in the field. 1. Clean tractor exterior and interior. Start with an air compressor to blow away dirt and crop debris inside and out. This helps remove unwanted seeds that can transfer to other fields where they don’t belong. Also, debris attracts rodents that can damage electrical components. Follow up with a pressure wash to remove stubborn dirt and grime. Then, wax to restore paint shine and provide protection from UV rays and chemical residues. 2. Touch up scratches and bare spots with tractor paint . 3. Clean the radiator , condensers , and coolers with compressed air and water. Always blow the opposite direction of air travel to remove dirt and debris. An 1/

Increase your Yields with Kondex KX7 Concaves

Improved Productivity  KX7 concaves improve your productivity by increasing your combine’s capacity.  Our MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts feature angled threshing and  separation bars to meet the crop head on. Compared to traditional concaves,  these features improve harvest capacity without compromising the grain sample or rotor loss.  Greater Customization    No one knows your crops, fields, or environment quite like you, which is why KX7 concaves allow you to customize the configuration of your threshing cylinder with our MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts. This flexibility gives you control of your harvest, while our smaller width frames give you twice as many customization options.  Precision Product   KX7 concaves are American made and robotically manufactured to exceed OEM quality standards. Our welds are individually inspected by AWS (American Welding Society) qualified welders, while visual and robotic testing ensures product consistency and d

12-Point Pre-Harvest Combine Maintenance Checklist

Fall harvest is around the corner. Before you hit the field, give your combine a once-over with this 12-point checklist. Clean the machine of dust and dirt for better operation and to help spot wear and potential problems. Attach headers to combine and make sure they are opperational, checking height and contour controls. On the grain table header, inspect sickle blades and guards, inspect teeth in augers and reel. On the corn head, inspect gathering chains and sprockets, adjust the width of stripper plates. Check and adjust drive chains. Remember: Row unit gearboxes operate as mini transmissions and need to be checked once a year. Refill with grease or oil depending on age and brand of corn head. Check all belts for wear and replace as needed. Check all chains and bearings for wear; replace chains that can’t be adjusted or tensioned correctly. For axial combines, inspect rotor and concave, checking wires for damage and bars for wear. Check unloading system auger. If edges

Check out this International 464 Tractor Brought Back to life After a Barn Fire

International 464 is Brought Back to Life After Barn Fire All States Ag Parts is giving Jim B. a "high five" for his efforts in restoring this International 464 after a barn fire nearly destroyed the tractor.  Jim did an incredible job of restoring this tractor. The All States Ag Parts crew at our Bridgeport, NE location are proud to have contributed most of the International 464 parts used to complete the restoration. We've posted some before and after photos of this now beautiful tractor.

13-Point Planter Maintenance Checklist

Ensuring the proper seed depth, seed spacing and seed-to-soil contact is critical to the performance of your planter and ultimately the success of your harvest. If one kernel of corn out of 12 doesn’t emerge it could mean a loss of $12,000 on 500 acres. We have re-published this 13-point checklist for planter maintenance with the permission of Professor Duiker at Penn State University. 13-Point Planter Maintenance Checklist Meters. Metering units have to work well or you’ll get frequent skips, doubles and triples. To guarantee optimal performance, take metering units apart every winter. Remove dirt and clean the hood with soapy water (no kerosene, diesel or oil should ever be used in metering units!). Replace cracked plastic covers. Replace broken fingers in a finger-pickup meter. Seed brushes need to be replaced when worn. If a groove has formed in the chromium house of the metering unit it is time to replace it. The belt (in finger pick-up meters) should be flexible,

Winterize your Tractor

Get Your Tractor Ready For Winter Heater cabs, tractor tire chains, skid steer enclosures, and more are available from All States Ag Parts for most tractors and skid steers. Check out these simple tips to winterize your vehicles and equipment to combat winter's worst weather. Battery Care A high cranking amp battery is best for cold weather. At least 800 to 1000 cold cranking amps (CCA).  Prior to cold weather setting in, check all of your battery terminals and grounds. Remove any oxidation and make sure connections are tight and secure. A battery heater can help keep your battery cranking power at its maximum during cold winter weather. Tire chains Four wheel drive and ag tires do wonders in the dirt but on a sheet of ice quickly lose their traction. Add rear tire chains and if needed, front ones (4x4 only). All States Ag Parts carries a complete line of tractor tire chains, as well as skid steer chains. Antifreeze Check correct antifreeze to water ratio in your radia