Increase your Yields with Kondex KX7 Concaves

Improved Productivity 
KX7 concaves improve your productivity by increasing your combine’s capacity. 
Our MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts feature angled threshing and 
separation bars to meet the crop head on. Compared to traditional concaves, 
these features improve harvest capacity without compromising the grain sample
or rotor loss. 
Greater Customization  
No one knows your crops, fields, or environment quite like you, which is why
KX7 concaves allow you to customize the configuration of your threshing
cylinder with our MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ box inserts. This flexibility
gives you control of your harvest, while our smaller width frames give you
twice as many customization options. 
Precision Product 
KX7 concaves are American made and robotically manufactured to exceed
OEM quality standards. Our welds are individually inspected by AWS
(American Welding Society) qualified welders, while visual and robotic testing
ensures product consistency and dimensional tolerances are met. By heat
treating KX7’s MaxThresh™ and MaxRound™ bars, you’ll also benefit from a l
onger lasting product. 
Extended Wear  
KX7 MaxThreshTM box inserts feature our proprietary TungstrongTM wear
coating that is metallurgically bonded to the threshing bars. Lab testing shows
these concave assemblies hold a three-time improvement in wear reduction
over traditional concaves.

See our line of Kondex KX7 Concaves Here.
Better Performance
Easier Installation
After a season of harvesting with KX7 concaves, Blake shares his intent to upgrade his entire custom harvesting operation to use KX7.
Success in Soybeans
Harvesting several thousand acres of soybeans, KX7 concaves were found to have 15-20% better capacity over traditional concaves in harder to thresh conditions.


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