Plastic sieves? Here's why you should be using one in your combine.

August 23, 2011 - As farmers throughout the midwest start preparing for this fall's corn and soybean harvest, I thought I'd take this opportunity to talk a little about plastic sieves. Plastic louvered sieves have been on the market for several years with several brands of sieves available . Unfortunately, not all brands are created equally and buyers must be wary of inferior brands. At All States Ag Parts we carry a Canadian brand, and feel this is the cream of the crop as far as quality goes.

There are several advantages to installing a plastic sieve in your combine. The most important to me is the ability to replace the plastic louvers should a louver become damaged. Unlike the old metal louvers that bend and break, plastic louvers are flexible and pop back in place should a rock or other foreign object go through your combine. Even if you have the misfortune of breaking one of the louvers they are easily replaceable.

Here's some additional advantages of our plastic sieves over the old metal type.

Improved combine performance and increased life is what the adjustable plastic louvered top and bottom sieves are all about. They are designed to outlast and out perform the original top chaffer and bottom sieve by 2 to 1.

Longer lasting: The plastic louver is flexible. Rather than bend and twist as original metal louvers do they will return to their original shape.
The plastic louvers also have a large plastic bearing surface that is 4 times the diameter of the wires used on the original metal louver. As a result there is significantly less wear. If one of the plastic louvers should be damaged they are individually replaceable.

Improved performance: The plastic louvers have a specially designed cupped tail which directs the air more vertical, even when closed. More vertical air gives you better lift. The louver is also designed to allow the sieve to be set wider open. Combine performance improves and the amount of clean grain in the return is reduced, thus cutting down on cracked grain. 

Indexed handle : Spring loaded, indexed handle ensures positive, repeatable sieve adjustment. 

40% lighter : Because of the plastic louver, Harvest adjustable top and bottom sieves are about 40% lighter. Drive components will last longer. 

Can’t rust : The plastic louvers will not rust or seize. They remain easy to adjust for life. 

Self Cleaning : The plastic louvers have a smooth self cleaning profile which helps reduce buildup from sappy weeds and snow icing.

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