Maintaining Your Disc Harrow

Proper maintenance of farming equipment ensures maximum productivity while minimizing downtime and unforseen incidents.
But safety and productivity do not come as a stroke of luck. A keen understanding of each piece of equipment, plus proper and timely maintenance, are of utmost importance if you wish to achieve the goals of productivity and safety.
If you own a disc harrow, here are a few important things to remember.

Regular maintenance

Check your disc harrows on a regular basis.
If you are performing maintenance work on your disc harrow for the first time, be sure to consult the owner’s manual first.
Ideally, the work area should be clean and dry. Make sure that the electrical outlets in the service area are working properly. The work area should also have ample lighting and more if needed.
The ideal service area should also have enough ventilation. Under no circumstance should you operate the equipment in a closed structure.
Keep a first aid kit nearby for unexpected accidents.

Where to Start…

Before beginning maintenance work, shut off the engine and wait until all moving parts have come to a halt.
Begin by inspecting the discs, looking for signs of cracks and nicks. Also, make sure that the cutting edges are still sharp. Otherwise, the performance of the disc harrow will suffer.
If you are replacing parts like the disc harrow bearing assembly, use parts that conform to the specifications recommended by the manufacturer. 
After all maintenance work has been performed, tighten up the nuts, bolts and screws and put the safety guards back into position. Return all the tools and equipment you have used to their proper storage areas.

Cleaning and storing your disc harrow

Make it a habit to clean your disc harrow after each use. Remove dirt and debris that have clung on to the equipment.
Prior to storage, give your disc harrow a once over, look for signs of wear and/or damage and make the necessary maintenance/repairs.
If you need to store your disc harrow for an extended period of time, it is highly recommended that you clean it with a low-pressure water spray.
If you notice areas where the paint is missing, sand down those areas and apply a fresh coat of paint to keep rust at bay. You can get a large variety of paint colors at All States Ag Parts.
Cleans discs prior to extended storage.
Ideally, store the equipment in an area with minimal human and/or animal activity. You can use a tarpaulin to protect your disc harrow. As for the blades these are best kept on a resting board away from the soil.


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