Guide to Choosing A Tractor Shop Manual

Which Tractor Shop Manual Do I Need?

There are several types and brands of manuals for servicing, operating and parts referencing that all come under the general title of “shop manuals”. When acquiring a manual it’s necessary to know which manual you need for your purpose.

Here’s a quick guide to the types of manuals sold by All States Ag Parts 

Parts Manuals
High Quality Reproductions of the Original Factory Version
Parts manuals have expanded views of each part on the tractor or piece of equipment. Numbered pictures give you great detail on assembly and disassembly. One purpose of a parts manual is to provide you with pictures labeled with part numbers. These part numbers will help you avoid costly and time consuming errors when ordering parts.
     A parts manual can also help in the assembly and disassembly of components. A service manual, after telling you how to disassemble a part, in detail, will simply say “reassemble”. If you have your PTO in the wash tank in 30 pieces without notes you will have a difficult time putting the PTO back together. The parts manual’s exploded view of the PTO can help you see how it all goes back together.

Operator’s Manuals
High Quality Reproductions of the Original Factory Version
Operator’s manuals are sometimes referred to as the owner’s manual. This manual came with the tractor and was supplied by the manufacturer. It can be compared to the manual you receive in the glove box of a new car. The operator’s manual will give the owner-operator instructions for various operations of the tractor including shift patterns, fluid capacities, adjustment procedures for brakes, clutches and more. This is a very valuable tool for operating your tractor safely and efficiently.


Service Manuals

High Quality Reproductions of the Original Factory Version

Service manuals are the manuals that the factory furnished to the dealer’s shop service department. Service manuals tell you how to take the tractor apart, fix it and put it all back together again. These manuals were typically not provided to a retail customer. These authentic manuals are written for making repairs in the language of a mechanic. They include valuable information as to a variety of specifications, including things like torque requirements. For the serious mechanic or restorer the service manual can show you many short cuts and save you time while making repairs correctly and safely.


I &T Shop Manuals Since 1948, I&T Shop Manuals have been the trusted source for professionals and experienced mechanics. These manuals are designed to serve the professional tractor and farm equipment repair industry, each I&T manual covers removal, overhaul, installation and adjustment procedures for the most commonly repaired assemblies and subassemblies. For maintenance items, in most cases, these manuals are intended to be used with the tractor’s original operator’s manual.

Here's a link to some of All States Ag Parts most popular shop manuals. If you can't find your model then give us a call at 877-530-4430 - we probably have it.

Allis Chalmers 160Allis Chalmers 170Allis Chalmers 175Allis Chalmers 180Allis Chalmers 185Allis Chalmers 190Allis Chalmers 190XTAllis Chalmers 200Allis Chalmers 210Allis Chalmers 220Allis Chalmers 5020Allis Chalmers 5030Allis Chalmers 5040Allis Chalmers 5045Allis Chalmers 60Allis Chalmers 6040Allis Chalmers 6060Allis Chalmers 6070Allis Chalmers 6080Allis Chalmers 7000Allis Chalmers 7010Allis Chalmers 7020Allis Chalmers 7030Allis Chalmers 7040Allis Chalmers 7045Allis Chalmers 7050Allis Chalmers 7060Allis Chalmers 7080Allis Chalmers 8010Allis Chalmers 8030Allis Chalmers 8050Allis Chalmers 8070Allis Chalmers AAllis Chalmers BAllis Chalmers CAllis Chalmers CAAllis Chalmers D10Allis Chalmers D12Allis Chalmers D14Allis Chalmers D15Allis Chalmers D17Allis Chalmers D19Allis Chalmers D21Allis Chalmers GAllis Chalmers RCAllis Chalmers WCAllis Chalmers WDAllis Chalmers WD45Allis Chalmers WFBobcat 1075Bobcat 3022Bobcat 310Bobcat 313Bobcat 371Bobcat 440Bobcat 443Bobcat 444Bobcat 500Bobcat 520Bobcat 530Bobcat 533Bobcat 540Bobcat 543Bobcat 543BBobcat 600Bobcat 610Bobcat 611Bobcat 620Bobcat 630Bobcat 631Bobcat 632Bobcat 642Bobcat 700Bobcat 720Bobcat 721Bobcat 722Bobcat 730Bobcat 731Bobcat 732Bobcat 741Bobcat 742Bobcat 742BBobcat 743Bobcat 743BBobcat 743DSBobcat 751Bobcat 753Bobcat 763Bobcat 773Bobcat 825Bobcat 843Bobcat 843BBobcat 873Bobcat 943Bobcat 953Bobcat 963Bobcat 970Bobcat 974Bobcat 975Case 1030Case 1070Case 1090Case 1170Case 1175Case 1190Case 1194Case 1200Case 1210Case 1270Case 1290Case 1294Case 1370Case 1390Case 1394Case 1410Case 1490Case 1494Case 1500Case 1526Case 1530Case 1537Case 1570Case 1594Case 1690Case 1700Case 1737Case 1740Case 1816Case 1816BCase 1816CCase 1830Case 1845Case 1845BCase 1845CCase 1845SCase 200BCase 2090Case 2094Case 210BCase 210BCase 2290Case 2294Case 2390Case 2394Case 2470Case 2590Case 2594Case 300Case 300BCase 310Case 310BCase 310ECase 310FCase 310GCase 320Case 350Case 350Case 400Case 400BCase 430Case 430Case 431Case 440Case 441Case 450Case 470Case 480Case 480CCase 480CKCase 500Case 500BCase 530Case 530Case 530CKCase 531Case 540Case 541Case 570Case 580Case 580BCase 580BCKCase 580CKCase 600Case 600BCase 630Case 640Case 641Case 700Case 702Case 730Case 770Case 800Case 801BCase 830Case 840Case 850Case 870Case 885Case 900Case 930Case 970Case 990Case 995Case CCase DCase LCase RCase SCase VCase IH 1120Case IH 1130Case IH 1140Case IH 1620Case IH 1896Case IH 2096Case IH 235Case IH 245Case IH 255Case IH 265Case IH 275Case IH 3220Case IH 3230Case IH 385Case IH 395Case IH 4210Case IH 4230Case IH 4240Case IH 485Case IH 495Case IH 5120Case IH 5130Case IH 5140Case IH 585Case IH 595Case IH 685Case IH 695Case IH 7110Case IH 7120Case IH 7130Case IH 7140Case IH 7150Case IH 7210Case IH 7220Case IH 7230Case IH 7240Case IH 7250Case IH 785Case IH 795Case IH 884Case IH 885Case IH 8910Case IH 8920Case IH 8930Case IH 8940Case IH 895Case IH 8950Case IH 9110Case IH 9130Case IH 9150Case IH 9170Case IH 9180Case IH 995Cub Cadet 100Cub Cadet 383Cub Cadet 70Cub Cadet 71Cub Cadet 72Cub Cadet 73Cub Cadet 82David Brown 1200David Brown 1210David Brown 1212David Brown 1410David Brown 1412David Brown 3800David Brown 4600David Brown 770David Brown 780David Brown 880David Brown 885David Brown 990David Brown 995Deutz 6240Deutz 6250Deutz 6260Deutz 6265FIAT 780FIAT 880FIAT 880-5FIAT 980Ford 1000Ford 1100Ford 1110Ford 1120Ford 1200Ford 1210Ford 1215Ford 1220Ford 1300Ford 1310Ford 1320Ford 1500Ford 1510Ford 1520Ford 1600Ford 1620Ford 1700Ford 1710Ford 1715Ford 1720Ford 1800Ford 1801Ford 1900Ford 1910Ford 1920Ford 2000Ford 2031Ford 2100Ford 2110Ford 2111Ford 2120Ford 2130Ford 2131Ford 2150Ford 2300Ford 2310Ford 2600Ford 2610Ford 2810Ford 2910Ford 2NFord 3000Ford 3055Ford 3100Ford 3120Ford 3150Ford 3190Ford 3230Ford 3300Ford 3310Ford 3430Ford 3600Ford 3610Ford 3910Ford 3930Ford 4000Ford 4030Ford 4031Ford 4100Ford 4110Ford 4120Ford 4121Ford 4130Ford 4131Ford 4140Ford 4190Ford 4200Ford 4330Ford 4410Ford 4600Ford 4600SUFord 4610Ford 4610SUFord 4630Ford 4830Ford 5000Ford 501Ford 5100Ford 5200Ford 5600Ford 5610Ford 5640Ford 600Ford 6000Ford 601Ford 6600Ford 6610Ford 6640Ford 6700Ford 6710Ford 700Ford 7000Ford 701Ford 7100Ford 7200Ford 7600Ford 7610Ford 7700Ford 7710Ford 7740Ford 7840Ford 800Ford 8000Ford 801Ford 8240Ford 8340Ford 8530Ford 8600Ford 8630Ford 8700Ford 8730Ford 8830Ford 8NFord 900Ford 9000Ford 901Ford 9600Ford 9700Ford 9NFord CL20Ford CL30Ford CL40Ford DextaFord MajorFord NAAFord Super DextaFord Super MajorFord TW10Ford TW15Ford TW20Ford TW25Ford TW30Ford TW35Ford TW5Gehl 2500Gehl 4400Gehl 5625Gehl HL2500AGehl HL4400Gleaner AGleaner EGleaner F2Gleaner F3Gleaner GGleaner KGleaner K2Gleaner LGleaner L2Gleaner M2Gleaner N5Gleaner N6Gleaner N7Hesston 280Hesston 300Hesston 780Hesston 880Hesston 880-5Hesston 980International 100International 1026International 1066International 1086International 1206International 1256International 130International 140International 1420International 1440International 1456International 1460International 1466International 1468International 1480International 1482International 1486International 1566International 1568International 1586International 200International 21206International 21256International 21456International 230International 234International 240International 2400AInternational 2400BInternational 2404International 2424International 244International 2444International 2500AInternational 2500BInternational 2504International 254International 2544International 2606International 2656International 2706International 274International 275International 2756International 276International 2806International 284International 2856International 300International 300UInternational 3088International 3200International 3288International 330International 3300International 3388International 340International 3488International 350International 350UInternational 354International 3588International 364International 3688International 375International 3788International 384International 385International 400International 403International 404International 4100International 4156International 4166International 4186International 424International 4366International 4386International 444International 450International 453International 453International 454International 4568International 4586International 460International 464International 4786International 484International 485International 504International 5088International 5288International 544International 5488International 554International 560International 574International 584International 585International 606International 615International 624International 6388International 644International 656International 656UInternational 6588International 660International 664International 666International 674International 6788International 684International 685International 686International 706International 715International 724International 7288International 744International 7488International 756International 766International 784International 786International 806International 815International 824International 826International 844International 856International 884International 885International 886International 915International 966International 986International AInternational BInternational B275International B414International CInternational CubInternational Cub 154International Cub 184International Cub 185International Cub Lo-BoyInternational F12International F14International F20International F30International HInternational HVInternational Hydro 100International Hydro 186International Hydro 70International Hydro 84International Hydro 86International MInternational MDInternational O4International O6International OS4International OS6International Super AInternational Super CInternational Super HInternational Super MInternational Super MTAInternational Super O6International Super W4International Super W6International Super W9International W12International W30International W4International W40International 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YM195Yanmar YM195DYanmar YM240Yanmar YM240DYanmar YM330Yanmar YM330D

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