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5 Tips for Summer on the Farm

5 Tips for Summer on the Farm During the summer months, one clear concern is the effect of the heat. Often times, farmers consider the effect of the heat on their product more than the effect on themselves. One important thing to remember is that you aren't safe and healthy you can't properly take care of your product. Take care of yourself first. Remain hydrated, stay cool and protect yourself from the sun. Getting a severe sunburn can set you back for days with sun poisoning or burns if you aren't careful. Reapply sunscreen and remain hydrated. Remember, if you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Keep that water nearby!  Check your machinery regularly. Your equipment goes from an asset to a nuisance if it’s not regularly checked.  It could even leave you stranded, mid-season. Do a quick check on your equipment after each day to look for signs of serious damage and to prevent issues like combustion.  Make an effort to keep things that make you more co