Our Father's in Farming

Our Father's in Farming

Generations of American farmers have been made up of hard-working fathers. Your dad, your neighbor's dad, maybe even your uncle. It's possible they were all farmers. It's because of them that you are entrenched in this culture of farming and its because of them that you have this spirit of hard work and passion for the land instilled within you.
Our farming fathers have built and supported this country throughout the good and the bad. Without them, we wouldn't be a country as we are today. They farmed throughout the great depression, the 1st and 2nd world wars, the hottest months of the summer, all to ensure that the country was fed and provided for.
Farming has remained a vital part of our society for generations because the need for farming will never dissipate. The average farmer provides food for over 155 families.
Farming is a massive boom to local economies. 96% of farms in America are family owned; owned by dads and moms that we know in our own towns and cities.
Another reason why so many of our fathers are in farming is that the agriculture business is the largest employer in the country. Agriculture provides jobs to over 23 million Americans. These jobs can range from farming, research, conservation and even selling tractor parts like we do here at All States Ag Parts.
This Fathers Day, celebrate the hard-working men in agriculture in your life and lend them a helping hand if they will let you, that is.


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