An Interview with Carly Cummings from FarmHer

An Interview with Carly Cummings from FarmHer

In an interview with Carly Cummings, the event and merchandise manager at FarmHer, we learn what encourages Carly and the Farmher team to continually push forward the vital messaging of strong, independent women in farming. FarmHer has a mission to “Shine a light on women in agriculture” by telling the stories of these women, FarmHer is creating a new narrative around women in agriculture. Carly not only is in charge of merchandise for FarmHer, but she also curates events around the country for women in agriculture, creating a culture of supportive, strong women with a passion for farming.

What do you see as one of the greatest challenges facing women in the farming industry?
“Turning the dial in stereotypes. To the public, a farmer looks like a man in overalls. We need to be working towards a new image. When you look at the census numbers, you find that women make up over a third of the farming industry. This means that women account for 4 decision makers on the farm” It is time for us to take a hold of what we can do and what we do in this industry. “

What do you see as some of the most positive and exciting things happening for women in farming currently?
I see women taking on massive leadership roles in farming. I also see so much innovation. Innovation. It is taking hold, these innovative ideas from women. Women are also just creating from the bottom up. Instead of working their way around a group and fighting to get higher and higher, they just start a company of their own and they thrive.

What is one piece of advice you would give to women in agriculture?
“Don’t be scared to take on an opportunity, it's well worth the risk.” Take the risk, take the plunge.”

What message would you share with everyone if you could?
“Challenge men to tell stories of women they know on farms, how they thrive. Give men the change to brag on the women they love and show the world what they do”

Husbands, how does your wife run your farm? Sons, is your mom up earlier than you tending to your farm? Brothers, how many times have you worked right along with your sister?

“Share your stories. Share the story of being a woman in agriculture, tell your hairdresser, tell your friend over coffee. 98% of the world isn't a part of this community so they don't understand our story. They never will if we don’t tell them.”

It is vital to share these stories of women in farming. When we start sharing these stories, we will change the narrative from a man in overalls to a woman in jeans getting her hands dirty and running a farm. After all, anyone with the willpower and drive to run a farm, can.

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