10 Apps to Enhance Farming

10 Apps to Enhance Farming  

Downloading apps isn’t fun and games anymore. Apps can be a substantial assistance with your agricultural career. We have selected 10 of our favorite agricultural apps to help get your season running smoothly. Take a look at this selection of free and paid apps and see what works best for you!  
  • Farmlogs- Rated 2.7stars with 57 ratings Using Farmlogs, you can monitor field conditions, plan and manage crop production and track rainfall history to name a few features.
  • Growers edge-  rated 5 stars with 3 reviews This app is made to help you manage and grow profitability. You can set profit goals, track progress and much more.
  • Sirrus- rated 4.1 stars with 15 ratings  This app helps with cropping, recording keeping and even shares weather conditions. This app allows farmers to draw boundaries within their property and it keeps track of planting data that can be shared with others.
  • Farm Futures - rated 2.1 stars with 7 reviews This app updates farmers on the latest news in agriculture, livestock and grain markets as well as weather.
  • AgWeb - 4.6 stars with 1.69k reviews This app includes news, updates on weather and markets. The content is also customizable. The podcasts hosted on the app are also very popular.
  • PictureThis-Plant Identifier- 4.7 stars 10.5k reviews This app can help identify a weed or a plant that could be invading your property. When you aren't sure what it could be, this app comes in handy because you can simply take a photo.
  • Climate field view- 3.7 stars 72 reviews This app tracks soil conditions, weather, humidity and much more.
  • Ag PhD app suite- depends on the app within suite This suite includes the Field Guide, Fertilizer Removal by Crop, Drainage Calculator, Planting Population and Harvest Loss Calculator. Of these apps, farmers mentioned the Fertilizer Removal and are all very popular.
  • Tractorhouse- 3.1 stars 31 ratings This app is a great place to buy agriculture equipment.  In fact, All States Ag Parts even sells some of our Tractor Salvage there.
  • Citrus Pests Key no ratings yet Using this app, you can identify a pest on your crops easily and quickly.


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